What is QIF?

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QIF is a suite of integrated XML Schema based standards enabling the seamless flow of information within computer-aided quality measurement systems.

What is the scope of QIF?

The information defined in QIF includes quality measurement plans, measurement results, measurement rules, measurement resources, and analysis of results (multi-part statistics)

What are the benefits of QIF?

QIF reduces labor costs and quality losses from unnecessary measurement information translation. QIF enables seamless exchange of measurement information. QIF facilitates enterprise agility, enables lower product cost, and reduces costs of component integration and maintenance.

Who is working on QIF?

QIF is developed within the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC), an A-liaison to ISO and an ANSI-accredited non-profit standards development organization. Development work on QIF is being supported and/or performed by quality measurement experts from Applied Automation Technologies, Capvidia, DISCUS Software, Hexagon Metrology, Honeywell FM&T, InfinityQS, Innovalia Metrology, IPI Technology, John Deere & Company, Kotem Technologies, Metrology Integrators, MetroSage, Mitutoyo, MTConnect Institute, Nikon Metrology, NIST, Origin International, PAS Technology, PTC, Renishaw and Siemens PLM Software. These are many of the same experts who continue to maintain the Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard (DMIS).


You may also click HERE to view a PowerPoint overview of the DMSC/QIF new structure.